We are all about providing learners with online education that is not just affordable, but would also allow them to efficiently and conveniently acquire knowledge and skills that can expand their horizons and enable them to achieve personal and professional success.

Who We Are

Love to Think is a learning centre providing online training courses on a wide range of disciplines. We are backed by a group of established educators that is passionate about life-long learning and is interested in leveraging the power of Internet to deliver quality learning and training to all learners.


Our course offerings are not just focused on cost-efficiency. They are also designed to enable convenient acquisition of knowledge and skills, so learners are able to keep up with the demands of the job market and expand their horizons without having to set foot in the classroom or cramming through their schedules.


We are convinced that real learning and training is all about the learners. As such, we continuously strive to deliver learner-centred learning. We carry out research to identify gaps in knowledge and skills in various disciplines, and work with experts from different industries to come up with learning content that match job functions. The result is a battery of online learning courses designed to align learners’ knowledge and skills with new demands.


We then made our courses accessible through a robust learning platform that gives learners the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere at their desired pace. All these and more demonstrate our commitment to provide learners with more and better training solutions and help them become successful in both their personal and professional lives


Love to Think’s work in education is inspired by a vision of becoming the learning centre of choice for learners to receive online education that will empower them and make them professionally mobile.


Our vision sets out the primary goal we need to accomplish and guides us in the decisions and actions we make on a daily basis. It also serves as our inspiration to continue producing and delivering quality online learning and training solutions to learners.


To bring us closer to our vision, we rely on our core values, which define who we are as an online learning organisation. These values include: (1) Building Value - a continuous pursuit of creating and delivering learning and training solutions that are affordable and effective at the same time; (2) Collaboration - working with industry experts to develop relevant content that reflect current demands and will contribute to better learning experience; and (3) Accountability - taking charge of our decisions and actions.


Our chief mission is to help learners obtain online education that will expand their horizon and set them up toward a path of lifetime success.


We know from experience that education can transform lives dramatically


This is what inspires us to focus our efforts in developing and delivering economical and high-quality online training courses designed to upskill learners and build their intellectual confidence. These should enable them to pursue the job they wanted, make a career change or advance in their professions.

Such mission is a reflection of our cause and also functions as our motivation to improve our organisation and services and work toward an action that delivers value to learners and the online education community.


We take a couple of approaches to deliver on our mission. These approaches include: (1) focusing on the needs of learners in terms of information, knowledge, skills and support, so as to come up with solutions that meet those needs; (2) work with subject matter or industry experts to ensure the development of valuable and relevant content; (3) make low-cost training courses accessible to more learners, particularly those who cannot afford the time or cost associated with classroom-based learning, have multiplicity of tasks and cannot regularly attend classes, and are limited by their disabilities; (4) continuously improve our course offerings through research and collaborative efforts and remaining responsive to changes in online education.

Our Courses Deliver

Content Written by Expert

In an effort to equip you with the right knowledge and skills, we have designed this course with the involvement of a subject matter expert. This guarantees that only relevant information is covered within, enabling you to improve your proficiency on the discipline.

24/7 Accessible Materials

We know the challenges of juggling time between commitments. To keep you on track of your education without getting in the way of work and family, we made all the materials of this course accessible to you at any time of the day.

End-of-Unit Assessments

Critical to the learning process is knowing how well you understand a subject, so you can make judgements on your performance and make the needed improvements. We make these possible by incorporating assessments at the end of every unit of this course.

Easy-to-Follow Format

Everything in this course is straightforward. Rather than using complicated technical jargons that may confuse you, we use simple language to flesh out topics. The overall formatting is also easy to follow, enabling you to go over the content without missing important stuff.

Ongoing Learner Support

Whether it is administrative, academic or technical, support is just a couple of clicks away to assist you if you encounter any problem with the course.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion will be issued to you as proof that you have completed this course and worked hard to acquire new knowledge and skills. Use it to boost your resume and impress potential employers.

Section 1.10.32 of "de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum", written by Cicero in 45 BC

I've always want to re-enrol in college, but my full-time job kept me from doing so. I just gave Love to Think a try because they have the course that I wanted to take. It's one of the best decisions I've made. The course has all the information I need and I can study anytime I want. This is my first online course and I appreciate the fact that I made the right choice. ---

Clara Steinman, Bala, Gwynedd