Bartending Certification

It is a pretty captivating sight—bartenders flipping bottles and concocting a variety of beverages for different customers.

Course Overview

It is a pretty captivating sight—bartenders flipping bottles and concocting a variety of beverages for different customers. Bartending is, without a doubt, one of the coolest jobs around. Not only does it pay well, it also offers a lot of flexibility and the opportunity to go anywhere in the world where there is a need for someone to pour drinks. Options for employment are also many, with hotels, bars and cruise ships always looking for those who are knowledgeable about different aspects of serving both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

From preparing, mixing, and serving cocktails to keeping guests entertained and maintaining a comfortable and relaxing environment, bartending involves a lot of work. All these make it necessary to know about bartending techniques, how to create crowd-pleasing beverages, and how to build good people skills.

Learn how to make your way around the bar, expand your know-how of different cocktails, and serve the tastiest beverages in style through this Bartending Certification Course. It goes through bartending essentials like the tools and glasses commonly used in the trade, guidelines for establishing a bar, and simple bartending techniques required for bartenders or barmaids. It also provides information on a variety of beverages, covering their history, recommended measurements, mixing ingredients, and serving and storing requirements. Expert advice on dealing with different types of drinkers can also be found within.

Topics Covered

The Bartending Certification discusses everything there is to know about the art of pouring drinks—from the tools of the trade to different beverages served to guests and various bartending techniques to keep drinks flowing. Topics that are tackled in-depth in this course include:

Bartending basics

Tools and glasses used in the trade

Common bartending techniques that starting bartenders, barmaids, and waiters need to know

Techniques for wine opening, juice shaking, and fruit cutting

Guidelines for establishing and stocking a bar

Minding bar material, space, and drink requirements

Material planning and procurement process

Creating perfect drink mixes using charts and measurements

Measurement procedures for a variety of serving articles

A look at whisky’s history

Information on different types of cocktails

Recipes for mixing drinks

Storage and serving requirements for different drink

Techniques for mixing martini and punches

Guidelines for serving drinks to customers

Understanding beer and brandy

Information on gin and cognac

Overview of the Irish and Scottish whiskey

Distinguishing wine, vodka, tequila, and mescal

Cocktail recipes to know

Serving non-alcoholic beverages to guests

Knowing how to properly deal with different drinkers

Drinking occasionally—why you should it

Drinking cures and lore

Main Audience

While the course is designed with aspiring bartenders and barmaids in mind, it is also a great reference for those who would like to augment their understanding of different beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. It is also recommended for individuals thinking of working as a waiting staff, bar counter officer, or pub or tavern manager.

Bartending Certification



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