HIPAA Administration Certification

Course Overview

Gain complete understanding of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and become more involved in the protection of the privacy and security of patient information and data.

The HIPAA Administration Certification course offers you a comprehensive overview of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a United States legislation that is concerned with the protection of the confidentiality and security of medical information. The course covers the most relevant information related to the act, including a review of its history and major functions, the benefits it delivers, and the issues it aims to address.

It also discusses the administrative, physical and technical safeguards of the act, along with its mandated security standards. Expert advice on how to assess risks and develop, implement and monitor a security management program in compliance with HIPAA security requirements and standards are also found in the course.

Having a solid background in financial management and accounting will definitely make you better at managing the financial affairs of your business-from interpreting information to making sound profit decisions. It will also enable you to communicate more effectively to accountants, making sure you have effective control over your business’ finances.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-follow lessons
  • Relevant and accurate information
  • Teaches practical knowledge and skills
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Support provided
  • Accessible and affordable

Course Topics

  • A look back at HIPAA history
  • HIPAA’s major roles and responsibilities
  • The security objectives and privacy rule requirements of HIPAA
  • HIPAA’s administrative, physical and technical safeguards
  • Security standards set by HIPAA
  • Understanding the Role of a patient complaint ombudsman and chief security officer in the privacy and security of medical information
  • Risk analysis and risk management process
  • Developing and implementing a security management program
  • Fundamentals of effective management of information access
  • Raising security awareness and paying attention to security training and incident procedures
  • Workstation security and usage
  • Complying with HIPAA’s security requirements
  • Creating a framework for effective security decision-making
  • Developing a program for effective data classification
  • Developing a web-based security policy

HIPAA Administration Certification


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Everything in this course is straightforward. Rather than using complicated technical jargons that may confuse you, we use simple language to flesh out topics. The overall formatting is also easy to follow, enabling you to go over the content without missing important stuff.

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Whether it is administrative, academic or technical, support is just a couple of clicks away to assist you if you encounter any problem with the course.

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